Code of Ethics


The National Institute of Professional HVAC Industry acknowledges the importance of ethical obligations and practices in the delivery of the professional thereof. To honor NAHVAC’s promise of trusted, quality services, and its responsibility to the communities its members serve, NAHVAC adopts this Code of Ethics.

This Code of Ethics informs the public of NAHVAC’s ethical structure and protects the honesty and professionalism of every member, and that of the HVAC industry.

Code of Ethics

NAHVAC members:
  1. Strive to avoid conduct that alters or harms public trust in professional HVAC workers or the HVAC industry.
  2. Shall conduct themselves and their work in accordance with this Code of Ethics to serve public’s best interests.
  3. Promise to take no biased action of any kind during any work or analysis to promote a third-party’s or member’s personal interest, or any action that compromises the appearance of complete, evidence-based objectivity.
  4. Shall take responsibility for their individual HVAC employees.
  5. Shall sign every contract as the responsible HVAC party.
  6. Will not perform tasks outside their expertise and professional experience.
  7. Shall remain objective in exercising judgments and taking HVAC-related actions.
  8. Shall strive to avoid damaging the client/HVAC relationship during a HVAC repair or related business activity.
  9. Will strive to advance professionalism in, and honorably represent, the HVAC industry in their daily personal and HVAC-related activities.


NAHVAC members must follow this Code of Ethics and all federal and state laws affecting/governing their practice activities.

Exceptions to the Code

If a federal, state, or regional law or regulation conflicts with the Code of Ethics, all NAHVAC members shall follow the law or regulation and must notify NAHVAC’s editorial and legal review committees of the discrepancy.